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Finally one of our own has come up with a simple formula to success for New Home Sales. No more theories, just an easy path to follow to success. This step by step process walks through the entire critical path of the sale in a practical and logical format. Tom Daddario’s book “The Path To Success In New Home Sales” is a crucial part of the hiring process for every new sales professional I hire, experienced or not! For the new sales professional it’s a road map to successful habits, for the old guard it reminds them what it takes to go from Good to Great! Kudos Tom for helping us all go to the next level!
Michael Sferes, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Beazer Homes

The process of selling new homes is very complicated and it usually takes years of experience to become a seasoned professional. “The Path to Success in New Home Sales” takes the selling process and breaks it down into simple, easy to understand steps. This learning curve can be substantially reduced by following the methods outlined in Tom’s book. I would recommend it to anyone wishing to become successful in new home sales.
John E. Fullagar, Ph.D - Consultant on Human Behavior, Career Technologies

This book is a great read for every new home sales person. It emphasizes the fundamentals practiced by all true new home sales professionals!
Charlie Roter -
Director of Sales & Marketing, Central Coast Division, San Luis Obisbo, CA

The book is great. I plan on giving a second copy to a friend and fellow realtor. I think it's probably one of the best books on sales I've read. Again, thank you!
Krystel D. - St. Augustine, FL.

Your book should be standard issue for anyone in home sales. I read it in 2 sittings and feel I have gained a wealth of easily digestible knowledge. Your book is the One Minute Manager of sales. You have a real gem here. Thank you.
Joey D. - Amelia Island, FL. 

Your book had an immediate effect on my career, I saw immediate results.
John B. 

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